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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the pacific west coast lifestyle? Now you can experience it with Kelly & Cindy as they take you on a fun adventure with each new episode.

Life on the Water

"Reel Pacific Livin is a must-see for anyone who loves the great outdoors and fishing. Cindy and Kelly are amazing hosts. Their passion for the ocean is contagious, and their enthusiasm for fishing is unmatched. Watching their show is like taking a trip along the west coast, and I can't wait for the next episode!"
Razvan Longu

Bring the Pacific West Coast to Your Doorstep

Welcome to “Reel Pacific Livin,” the ultimate fishing lifestyle show for outdoor enthusiasts who want to experience life on the water. Join us on a fun filled journey as we explore the beautiful west coast, fishing, boating, and sharing our adventures with you.

“Reel Pacific Livin’ is more than just a fishing show. It’s a invitation on board as Kelly and Cindy share a way of life.”

Whether they’re visiting remote islands, cruising along the coastline, or exploring the terrain, you’ll be along for the ride, experiencing the beauty and excitement of the west coast.

Learn how to catch & cook the big fish...

Each episode, Kelly and Cindy will take you on a unique adventure, fishing for a wide variety of species, from salmon to halibut, and everything in between. 

They’ll let you in on a few of their fishing techniques, show you the equipment they use and you’ll get an inside look for finding great spots to fish.

Kelly and Cindy are always cooking up the catch of the day, and they’ll share their favourite recipes and cooking tips with you. From grilled salmon to halibut chowder, you’ll see how to turn the catch into a delicious meal.

Get the Best of Everything!


Join us as we explore the stunning Pacific coast by boat, discovering hidden coves and fishing hotspots along the way.


Share in our passion of fishing. Get hooked on the thrill of the catch as we share the excitement of the catch.


Explore with us new and old recepies for preparing delicious meals with our fresh catch from the Pacific coast.

How to Watch

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Right now you can get all the episodes for free on YouTube… The Reel Pacific Livin YouTube Channel 

Step 2: Find an Episode that Sounds Interesting

Choose whatever episode interests you most. Anything from fishing, boating, cooking or exploring the west coast.

Step 3: Make Sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Show

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